ARIA vs Vdara (Which hotel to choose in Las Vegas?) | vegas feeling (2023)

ARIA vs Vdara (Which hotel to choose in Las Vegas?) | vegas feeling (1)

One of the most difficult decisions you will make when planning your Las Vegas vacation is choosing the right hotel. When you're trying to decide betweenResorts and Cassino AIRjVdara Hotel and Spa, you need to understand the differences between these two top hotels to choose the best one for your Las Vegas vacation.

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ARIA is the best option if you want to be on the Las Vegas Stripand in the middle of the party. Vdara is the right choice if you want to be close to the action.but prefer to stay in a smaller, quieter all-suite hotel with no gaming or smoking.

room priceVon$129 per nightStarting at $99 per night
resort fees$51.02 per day
taxes included
$51.02 per day
taxes included
parking feesSelf parking: $18 per day
Valet Parking: $30 - $35 per day
Valet Parking: $30 - $35 per day
(Self parking is available at ARIA)
LocationOccupied area in the middle of the laneMid-Strip Occupied Area (located behind The Cosmopolitan, approximately 0.3 miles from Las Vegas Blvd.
Quinis3 large pools + Liquid 21+ Pool Club on propertyRooftop pool area with 1 large pool, cabanas and semi-private pools
spas– The spa at ARIAVdara Spa
nearby sightsARIA art collection
- ANDBusiness in Crystals
– No attractions on site
- FenceARIA, The Cosmopolitan, The Bellagio, Stadtzentrum eANDBusiness in Crystals

  • Name:ARIA Resort & Cassino
  • ADDRESS:3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Playroom:150,000 square meters
  • Construction year:2009
  • Number of bedrooms:4.004
  • Check current room rates
  • Name:Vdara Hotel & Spa
  • ADDRESS:Avenida Harmon, 2600 W
  • Playroom:none
  • Construction year:2009
  • Number of bedrooms:1.495
  • Check current room rates

Without a doubt, ARIA and Vdara are two top hotels, both located in an upscale area of ​​the Las Vegas Strip.While these two hotels are top destinations, there are some key differences between them. This article will highlight the differences between the hotels and help you choose the right hotel for your Las Vegas vacation.


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ARIA and Vdara Comparison: An Overview of These Las Vegas Hotels

ARIA vs Vdara (Which hotel to choose in Las Vegas?) | vegas feeling (2)

ARIA and Vdara are luxury properties owned by MGM Resorts and connected by a free trolley system. Located right on the Strip, the ARIA Hotel features a large casino, multiple pools and over 4,000 rooms. The Vdara, on the other hand, is an all-suite, non-smoking, no-gaming hotel with just over 1,400 rooms. To summarize, Aria has a casino and a generally livelier atmosphere.

So the main difference between these two properties is that Vdara focuses on creating a more relaxed atmosphere. With no on-site casino, guests returning to their rooms after a night on the Strip are greeted by a tranquil, restful atmosphere.

ARIA vs Vdara (Which hotel to choose in Las Vegas?) | vegas feeling (3)

Vdara is tucked away from the Strip, away from much of the noise on Las Vegas Boulevard. The Vdara is a much smaller hotel with fewer rooms, but all are suites so you can enjoy your stay in luxury.

While the ARIA is a true luxury resort, the Vdara has much more of a boutique hotel vibe. At ARIA Las Vegas, you can take the elevator down and be in the middle of the casino in no time. In Vdara,Guests can take the free ARIA Express trolley or take the short (6-minute) walk to the Strip's bars and casinos.

As the two properties are right next to each other, with the Vdara behind the ARIA and The Cosmopolitan, you won't be short of a variety of things to see and do. You have both properties next to the famousSource of Bellagioand luxury shoppingBusiness in Crystals, as well as several major resorts nearby (Bellagio, Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood, The Cosmopolitan).

While ARIA is the place to party, Vdara is quite the opposite. Here the focus is on creating an atmosphere of refined luxury in which to relax. Vdara caters for large private events such as weddings, parties or celebrations where people may not want random people to interfere or enter the event.

The Vdara is more of a traditional hotel than a Las Vegas mega-resort. It is designed for families and crowds who want a more subdued experience and would rather see the city and what it has to offer than just play and party.

ARIA vs. Vdara: standard room comparison

The ARIA and Vdara may be sister hotels, but their standard rooms are very different. The standard room at the ARIA Hotel is the King Deluxe Room. A 520 square foot deluxe room with king bed, large screen TV, sitting area and good sized bathroom with double sinks.

The standard room at Vdara is called Studio Suite. The Studio Suite at Vdara is slightly larger at 582 square feet and also has a luxurious king-size bed.

An interesting difference between the Standard Rooms of the two properties is that the Vdara Rooms have a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, which is good if you need to heat something up or don't want to take all your meals out of the room.

Another difference is that all rooms at Vdara are suites. In the case of the Studio Suite, in addition to a little more space, there is also a living area with a sofa. The sofa has a queen-size bed that sleeps two people, allowing this room to sleep up to 4 people. This is an important difference if you are traveling with friends or a family of four, as the standard ARIA room accommodates a maximum of 3 people.

king of luxury:
– 520 bolos² (48,3 m²)
- King bed with 300 thread count linens
– TV LCD HD de 42″ (106 cm)
– WiFi no quarto
- Floor to ceiling windows
– Seating area with two chairs
- Mesa
– Washbasin with double bowl
– Tauchwanne
- Control with one-touch technology
lighting, curtains, music,
wake up
– Maximum guests, 3
Studio Suite:
– 582 bolos² (54 m²)
- King-size bed with pillow-top mattress
– 50″ LCD flat screen (127 cm)
– WiFi no quarto
– Sofa in living room with sofa bed (queen)
– Dining table for 2 people
– Electric stove (2 flames)
– Shower and bathtub
– Media center for MP3 players and game consoles
– Blackout blinds (automatic)
– Maximum guest, 4

Prices for ARIA and Vdara Resort

When comparing Las Vegas accommodation rates, it's always important to consider the daily resort fee charged by each property.For ARIA and Vdara, the resort fee charged by both is USD 51.02 per day, including tax.

This is in addition to the daily room rate and allows access to things like the internet, pools, gym and local calls. Heresort feeit will be charged regardless of whether you choose to use any of these services or not.

Parking fees at ARIA Las Vegas and Vdara

Both ARIA and Vdara charge parking fees. Self parking is available at the ARIA (both hotels) for $18 per day, while valet parking is available at both hotels for $30 to $35 per day.

For more information on parking fees at the Aria, visit ourarticle here.

Are ARIA and Vdara pet friendly?

A growing trend in Las Vegas is for resorts to offer pet-friendly accommodations. The ARIA is not a pet or dog friendly hotel. So if you plan on traveling with your dog, the ARIA is not the place for you.In addition to being pet-friendly, Vdara also has a dog park with a 24-hour walking trail.

Vdara has a few dedicated dog (cat-friendly) suites that can accommodate up to two dogs totaling less than 100 pounds. There is an additional charge of $150 per night per dog. Dogs must not be left alone in the bedroom unless they are in a kennel.

If you're bringing your dog to Las Vegas, read our article onAnimal boarding and dog careavailable near the strip.

ARIA express tram

ARIA vs Vdara (Which hotel to choose in Las Vegas?) | vegas feeling (4)

Both the ARIA and Vdara make getting around this area of ​​the Strip easy with free trolley service. The ARIA Express is an elevated train that connects ARIA, Vdara, Bellagio, Park MGM and The Shops at Crystals (downtown).

The tram passes each station every few minutes and runs between 8 am and 2 am. This is a great way to keep your legs from walking around a bit and avoid the summer heat.

Here is more information on how to walk between Aria, Vdara and Bellagio and how to use the Aria Express TramHere.

Comparison of shows and entertainment on ARIA and Vdara

Shows and entertainment are obviously a huge draw when visiting Las Vegas, so it's unusual for a major hotel not to have its own shows, but neither the ARIA nor the Vdara feature shows. The good news is that there are many concerts nearby.

Next to the Bellagio you will find'O' vom Cirque du Soleil. One of the most incredible shows on the Las Vegas Strip, 'O' is an aquatic-themed production filled with swimmers, stuntmen, divers and dancers. Also across the street is Planet Hollywood, which also features several shows, including

In addition to these options, both the ARIA and Vdara are close to the T-Mobile Arena, which regularly hosts concerts, concerts and sporting events. Also, adjacent to the T-Mobile Arena is thepark theater. A 5,200-seat theater featuring its own program filled with sporting events, concerts, conventions and award ceremonies.

So while Vdara and ARIA don't have their own regular shows, you are literally steps away from a long list of big name shows, concerts and sporting events.

Vdara vs ARIA: restaurants and bars

ARIA vs Vdara (Which hotel to choose in Las Vegas?) | vegas feeling (5)

Eating and drinking probably tops the list for most Las Vegas tourists. Although ARIA and Vdara have restaurants and bars, they vary significantly in number and style. While Vdara is limited to a single restaurant (Market Cafe), a Starbucks and Vice Versa Patio & Lounge, ARIA has nine or more restaurants within the complex.

Dining options at ARIA include:

  • Jean-Georges-Steakhouse- Bistecas do chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten
  • o bar– Burgers, fries and other pub classics
  • TO TAKE– Asian-influenced steak and seafood
  • carbon- Italian-American
  • lemon grass- Thai cousin
  • Javiers- Southern California Mexican food
  • flourishing- Chinese cuisine
  • Julian Serrano Tapas– Dishes of Spanish cuisine

ARIA is also home to several lounges and bars, not to mention cocktails and drinks on the casino floor. At ARIA, you are never far from a good drink or a great restaurant!

Pools at ARIA and Vdara

The fabulous Las Vegas resort pools are known for their size, fun and luxurious amenities. Vdara'srooftop poolThe area does not disappoint! With a modern design, the luxurious individual pool is made for relaxation. With its stunning Strip views, signature cocktails, secluded pools and casual dining options, a day at Vdara Pool is an absolute escape.

Adding to the feeling of relaxation, the Vdara's swimming pool is only accessible if you're a hotel guest, making it perfect for anyone wanting to kick back and relax in the sun.

In comparison, ARIA has three distinct pools that can only be accessed when hosted on ARIA (To use: Vdara guests can use the Arias Sky Pool during the winter months. Learn more on ourarticle here).

Overall, the Aria's pool deck is the more impressive of the two.

Each resort offers swimming pools with plenty of relaxing lounges and upscale amenities like beverages, poolside menus and private cabanas.

ARIA also has a fourth separate pool known as the Liquid Pool Lounge. This is an adults-only pool with an exclusive, party atmosphere.

ARIA Resort –Check room prices

Hotel Vdara –Check room prices

ARIA vs Vdara: Which is better?

So which of these two luxury hotels in Las Vegas would you choose for your trip? It depends on what you are looking for during your stay in Las Vegas.

My recommendation:

  • Elige ArieIf you're looking for everything Las Vegas is known for, including restaurants, a casino and a vibrant party scene.
  • i.e. vdarif you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday in a luxury hotel or at the very least a quiet and peaceful environment to come back to after a wild night on the town.

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