The 7 best Airbnbs with pools in New Orleans - updated for 2021 (2023)

Published inMarch 28, 2021 May 15, 2021

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We've compiled a list of the best Airbnbs with pools in New Orleans so you can enjoy The Big Easy and cool off in your very own backyard pool. If you're visiting the French Quarter to soak up the buzzing energy of the French Quarter, hear live music, or watch a Saints game, it would be nice to blow off some steam in a private pool afterwards.

New Orleans is truly a city that has it all. Historic streets are lined with restaurants serving the best Cajun food on earth and bars that look like Mardi Gras year-round. There are also many museums, galleries and boutiques that will keep you busy for hours. to verifythis list of things to do in new orleansfor more ideas. You can use the following link to book tickets for events in advance and avoid queues.

Best of all, New Orleans can be fun for everyone, from bachelor and bachelorette parties to families looking for a beautiful, historic city to explore. It is also ideal for couples looking for a unique romantic experience.

But it can get quite hot and muggy, especially in the summer when temperatures often stay above 30 degrees during the day. So booking an Airbnb with a pool in New Orleans is a great idea. So we went through ALL the Airbnb listings in New Orleans and selected the best options with pools that were close to the action but still quiet and relaxing. Of course, we've only selected those that have received the highest ratings to ensure you enjoy the best Southern hospitality during your visit.

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  • Number of guests: 4
  • Ideal for: couples or families
  • Price range: $
  • Guest house just steps from the French Quarter
  • Private gated courtyard with pool and fountain
  • Light-filled interior with modern decor
  • Great option for couples.

what others say

Brittany said:Jarrett and Sydney were excellent hosts. My husband 1 year old and I stayed here while my husband was working at NOLA. It was a great room for us. During the day I worked "at home" on my laptop while my son slept and when I was awake he and I were having fun in the pool. Jarrett and Syd were a lot more accommodating than we expected. We certainly had more requests from guests than usual, but we were always treated very well. They are kind, honest and very nice! We had no problems with them and we were very thankful that they allowed us to stay in their house!”

  • Number of guests: 6
  • Ideal for: families or large groups
  • Price range: $$
  • Large Spanish Mission style bungalow close to Bayou St. John, City Park and Mercedes-Benz Superdome for Saints games
  • Up to 6 people with 3 rooms
  • Private pool in a relaxing backyard oasis

what others say

Elijah said:“A great neighborhood spot with a beautiful courtyard and pool. Kent was a friendly and helpful host. He gave us suggestions on where to eat and forgave me when I accidentally broke one of his glasses! Highly recommended for anyone visiting NOLA as it gives you a good idea of ​​the city beyond the French Quarter/Downtown and City Park is a five minute walk from the house.”

(Video) 11 Best Hotels With Pool In New Orleans [2022]
  • Number of guests: 8
  • Ideal for: families or large groups
  • Price range: $$$$
  • Newly built luxury condominium in The Residences at the District
  • Right in the heart of NOLA's Central Business District (CBD) and with easy trolley access to the French Quarter
  • Beautiful garden pool
  • can accommodate up to 8 people

what others say

Share speech: "My family and I liked Nola LuXury's apartment, walking distance to most things, the apartment was beautiful, it felt like home and the host's response was very quick. I will come back in 2021 and book with you all again.

  • Number of guests: 6
  • Ideal for: families or large groups
  • Price range: $$
  • The whole house with capacity for 6 people.
  • Decor and furnishings with a unique New Orleans charm
  • Saltwater pool and tropical garden in shared backyard
(Video) Luxury Air BnB Hosted by Sextant-Review l New Orleans Girls Trip 2021 l #airbnb Zenny Productions

what others say

Teja said:I love Brittney's place and would recommend her to anyone looking to holiday in NoLa. It is close to all hotspots. The house is beautiful. I loved the jacuzzi and pool area. Brittney is super nice and kind. He quickly answered all of my questions. The house was clean and had all the necessary amenities. He also let us store our bags at home after we checked out because our flights weren't until 3pm. M. So we could walk without bags.”

  • Number of guests: 4
  • Ideal for: couples or families
  • Price range: $$
  • The closest Airbnb in New Orleans with a pool to the French Quarter - just a few minutes' walk away
  • Beautiful and majestic interior design.
  • Ideal for couples or families: 2 rooms with capacity for 4 people

what others say

Craig's design:“The list is perfect; Everything was exactly as advertised, if not better. The backyard area was quiet and spacious allowing for maximum use of the pool. The property is also conveniently located near the French Quarter and Bywater businesses. We were able to get coffee nearby and have food delivered easily with food delivery apps. We would definitely stay here again in the future.”

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  • Number of guests: 4
  • Ideal for: couples or families
  • Price range: $
  • Whole house of 900 square meters in the neighborhood of Vila dos Músicos
  • 2 bedroom, 2 bath - perfect for couples or families
  • Private in-ground pool in the backyard
  • Very affordable - great value for the area

what others say

Angie said:This Airbnb was amazing! The interior was really cute and super clean. It had loads of extras to leave behind, like little tubes of toothpaste, sunscreen, headache meds, the list definitely goes on. The pool was perfect. She was quick to respond and very sweet. I definitely recommend it!”

  • Number of guests: 4
  • Ideal for: couples or families
  • Price range: $
  • Just 1 block from the French Quarter at a great price
  • Idyllic pool and garden with fountain
  • Clean and modern furniture.
  • 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom - perfect for couples

what others say

Carter said:Staying at the Garden Cottage was an absolute pleasure. The garden and fountain in the front make you feel like you are in a very secluded area, only a 10 minute walk to the French Quarter. Adding a pool for those hot summer days is key. I highly recommend this hotel for your stay in New Orleans.”



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