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  • Walmart tire prices

    Walmart Tire Prices:In this article, I'm going to take a look at Walmart tire prices to help you see if they're the cheapest option for you.

    On average, Walmart car tires range from $60 to $146, cheaper than the competition in this price range.

    Walmart Tire Prices ❤️ UPDATED 2023 (1)

    Big tires from well-known brands cost more than smaller tires from unknown brands. In general, Walmart offers the best tire prices of any tire store.

    Read on to learn more about tire prices at Walmart and to compare tire prices at the tire centers where you typically buy your tires.

    Walmart tire prices

    average tire price

    The average price for a tire at Walmart is between $60 and $146. This is the best price you can get at any tire store in the United States.

    Walmart has very low tire prices, in part because it wants customers to buy other things from them. As you may already know, Walmart Auto Centers offer a wide range of services.

    Tire tracks at Walmart

    AWalmart tire centerIt has many tire brands and very low prices. At Walmart, you can easily get the best price on your favorite tire brand.

    They offer well-known tire brands such as:

    • Good year,
    • stone bridge,
    • Michelin,
    • Pirelli,
    • douglas,
    • continental e
    • Copper.

    Better tire prices than the competition

    If the service a Walmart customer needs for their car is nearby, they won't bother going to other auto repair shops. also ensures customers are getting the best tire prices when compared to,, and

    Walmart tire sizes and prices

    If you need a specific size and brand of tires, you can probably find them at Walmart. They sell many different brands and tire sizes.

    Walmart sells these types of tires:

    • cars for people,
    • Truck,
    • Jeeps,
    • light trucks,

    There are many other things too.

    Here's a chart of some tires you can buy at Walmart.

    Tire brands, types, sizes and prices are listed in the table. The price of Walmart all-season tires is also shown:

    tire brandtire type and sizePreis
    Discoverer of CopperAT for all stations 275/55R20 117TBRL 180.00/each.
    Discoverer of CopperAT for all stations 275/60R20 115T$161.22/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 235/60R17 102H$112.22/each.
    good year dependentAll Season 225/50R18 95VBRL 110.00/each.
    good year dependentAll Season 245/60R18 105V$121.00/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 205/55R16 91V$79.00/each
    good year dependentAll seasons 225/65R17 102H$103.00/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 205/65R16 95H$75.00/each
    good year dependentAll seasons 235/40R19 96V$123.00/each.
    good year dependentAll Season 235/45R18 94VBRL 110.00/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 215/55R17 94V$92.00/each
    Calle Vercelli 2All Season 245/45R20 103W$118.00/each.
    Eco Dynamic Waterfall225/50R17 98W$58.99/each.
    douglasAll seasons 225/65R17 102H$91.00/each
    good year dependentAll seasons 195/65R15 91H$69.00/each
    good year dependentAll seasons 225/60R18 100V$108.00/each.
    Discoverer of CopperA/T All Season LT265/75R16 123R$ 132,43 /ud.
    good year dependentAll Season 215/60R16 95V$81.00/each
    good year dependentAll Season 215/70R16 98T$77.00/each.
    douglasAll seasons 215/55R16 93H$78.00/each
    good year dependentAll seasons 225/60R17 99V$96.00/each
    good year dependentAll seasons 235/60R18 103V$111.00/each.
    good year dependentAll Season 255/55R19 101V$124.00/each.
    Eco Dynamic Waterfall225/55R17 101W$61.49/each.
    Eco Dynamic Waterfall205/60R16 92V$46.69/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 235/50R18 97V$111.00/each.
    Eco Dynamic Waterfall215/60R16 95H$52.43/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 225/50R17 94V$96.00/each
    douglasAll seasons 215/60R16 95H$67.00/each
    Goodyear MANAll seasons 235/60R18 103V$143.00/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 185/65R15 88H$71.00/each
    good year dependentAll seasons 215/50R17 95V$90.00/each
    good year dependentAll seasons 225/55R17 97H$101.00/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 255/50R20 109H$144.00/each.
    good year dependentAll Season 245/50R20 102V$136.00/each.
    SupermaxH/T 235/65R17 H106 All seasons$77.02/each.
    good year dependentAll Season 245/45R18 96V$117.00/ea.
    good year dependentAll Season 235/65R18 106VBRL 115.00/each.
    Discover CooperA/T All Season 245/70R17 110T$128.18/each.
    good year dependentAll seasons 225/60R16 98H$81.00/each
    Krieger SuperATV XTOff-road tires 30×10-14$289.95/set (4 pieces)
    Hankook KinergyST H735All-season tyres: 215/75R14 100T$327.96/set (4 pieces)
    Hankook KinergyST H735All-season tyres: 185/65R14 86T$295.96/set (4 pieces)
    Michelin Primacy Tour A/SAll Season 245/50R20 102V$238.51/set (4 units) &
    Hankook Ventus V2 Konzept 2 H457All-season tyres: 225/40R18 92W$467.96/set (4 pieces)
    Calle Vercelli 1All-season tyres: 225/65R17 106V$435.36/set (4 units) &
    Douglas high performance tires215/55R17 94V$80.00/each
    douglasAll-season tires 195/65R15 91H$55.00/each
    Supermax H/TAll Season 235/65R17 H106 HT-1$77.02/each.
    douglasAll-season tires 215/60R16 95H$67.00/each

    Walmart tire services and their prices

    Walmart sells many different types of tires, and you can also assemble the ones you buy there. They also do things like changing the oil and lube, checking and changing the battery, and other things.

    EmAutocenter from Walmart, you get the following tire services at the following prices:

    tire mounting

    Tire prices (installed) at Walmart are $15 per tire. If you buy the tire from Walmart, you will be charged this amount for the mounting. This is all part of the price:

    • tire fitting,
    • tire valve stems,
    • tire change every 7,500 miles,
    • Tighten the 50 mile clamps to and
    • Tire balancing for life.

    Lifetime tire replacement and tire balancing

    Walmart charges $12 per hoop to spin them.

    Value stage installation package

    This service costs $25 for each tire. It comes with all the basic services and a warranty that protects you from road hazards.

    Valve Stem/TPMS Service Pack

    Each tire costs $3 for this service. If your car doesn't have TPMS function, you can mount the valve stems.

    nut substitute

    For each nut purchased, this service costs $2.

    tire rotation

    With this service, you can have your tires rotated by Walmart Tire Mechanics for only $2.50 per tire.

    puncture repair

    With this service, Walmart mechanics will fix your flat tire for $10 per tire.

    economic package

    If you purchase the Value Package, the Road Hazard Warranty will cover your tires after you departWalmart Auto Center. This is your guarantee that Walmart will help you fix a flat tire or deal with something unexpected later.

    So if you have a flat tire, Walmart will fix it for free. Depending on the severity of the damage, they can even replace the entire tire.

    Comparing Walmart tire prices to the competition

    If you compare Walmart tire prices to other stores, you will find that they are the cheapest.

    At Walmart, the average price of a tire is around $103. Walmart also has tires that range in price from $60 to $146.

    The table below shows how Walmart's tire prices compare to those of its closest competitors:

    tire shopaverage tire priceRim assembly priceResult of consumer reporting
    Walmart103 $15 $80
    Costco168 $17 $91
    tire door163 $$2491
    Good year161 $$2688
    Tires with direct discount161 $$2290
    full of flint159 $$2787
    City fair tire center148 $23 $83
    BJ tire center144 $$2086
    Sam's club143 $$2085

    In the table above you can see that Walmart currently has the best tire prices. Even for tire fitting, it has the lowest price of any tire center in the country.

    Walmart has low prices for tires, and if you find a lower price at another tire store, Walmart will match it.

    For example, if you find a store that sells tires for less than Walmart but are the same brand and size, Walmart will match that price.

    Walmart Price Match Policy

    For more information, see Walmart's Price Matching Policy at Just ask Walmart customer service for a suitable price before placing an order for a specific tire size.

    Walmart Specials

    Walmart sometimes has "special offers" too. So check out these deals at When you shop for tires at Walmart, you'll find clearance items, rebates, auto gift cards, and other ways to save money.

    How Much Do Walmart Tires Cost Again? Walmart sells tires ranging in price from $60 to $146 depending on brand, size and other factors.

    This price range is lower than the competition. Walmart usually has the cheapest tires compared to other tire stores.

    How to buy tires at Walmart

    You have two options when you want to buy tires from Walmart. The tire can be purchased online or at the nearest Walmart Auto Center:

    Shopping online

    If you want to buy online, you can go, which is the store's official website. You can see tires from different brands by visiting their websites.

    When you first access Walmart's website, you will be prompted to use the "Tire Finder" at the top of the page. This is the easiest way to find the tires you need.

    This feature gives you several options that work well with your car.

    buy in store

    If you want to buy tires from a Walmart store, you can use the online store locator to find your nearest auto center. You can find this store locator on Walmart's official website.

    There, a member of staff will help you find the right tires for your car.

    How to use the Walmart tire finder

    In order to be able to use the "Tire Finder", you must provide some information about your vehicle, in particular the size and type of tires. You can search by your tire size or by clicking Add Vehicle. To do this, enter the year and make of your car.

    Walmart Tire Prices ❤️ UPDATED 2023 (2)

    Once you provide them with the necessary information, you can start looking at the tires that are suitable for your car. You can make your search more specific by using filters such as:

    • Preis,
    • tire season,
    • Classification,
    • Marke,
    • special offers etc.

    You can also use the "Sort by" feature, which allows you to sort your search results by price, rating, popularity, and other factors.

    Click on the tires that you think will fit your car once you have found them. There you will find further information about the product, e.g. B. Details if it can be installed and when it will be ready for pickup or shipping.

    Once you've decided on the tires you want, add them to your shopping cart and enter your billing and shipping information.

    If you need help mounting your tires, ask Walmart to bring them to you.

    ask your localWalmart Auto-Service-CenterHanding over your tires if you want them to be fitted to you. Be sure to call the Auto Center to schedule an appointment for tire fitting.

    Walmart Guarantee and Return Policy

    According to some information on, you can return most of the tires they sell that have never been mounted or ridden to any Walmart with a Walmart Auto Center through the customer service desk.

    However, please note that if the Walmart store you wish to return your tires to does not have a Walmart Auto Center, they will not be able to collect your tires.

    You cannot return tires by post either. Also, Walmart will not accept tires, even snow tires that have already been used.

    manufacturer warranty

    Each tire comes with a manufacturer's guarantee. This is usually sufficient for the purchased tires.

    Some tire experts say extended tire warranties are next to worthless. So you don't have to buy them.

    But if you buy tires and are not happy with them, you can return them within 90 days of purchase. If you buy your tires from Walmart as part of the Value Tire Installation package, you can get your road scratch warranty.

    Even if you didn't purchase the tire as part of the value package, you can still pay $10 per tire to receive this Road Risk Guarantee. Covered by this guarantee are:

    Free replacement of non-repairable tires within the first 25% of tread wear and repair of flat tires.

    FAQ - Walmart tire prices

    How much does Walmart charge for new tires?

    Walmart's simple one-time tire fitting cost is $11 per tire, but that can change depending on the type of tire and vehicle you choose.

    If you choose the basic tire installation package at $15 per tire, you will get more service for your tires.

    Are Walmart Tires Cheaper?

    In general, Walmart is a great place to buy tires both in-store and online.

    You'll find a wide range of well-known tire brands and some of the lowest average prices per tire compared to other well-known tire shops. Installation costs less at Walmart than anywhere else.

    Are the tires bought at Walmart any good?

    Are Walmart Tires Good Quality? Walmart has a wide range of branded tires, from high-quality Michelin rubber to cheap Goodyear tires, that can please both discerning buyers and people looking for a good deal.

    They sell high quality tires and offer installation packages at great prices.

    Will Walmart fit the tires I bring?

    If your Walmart has an Auto Care Center, they put tires on cars and trucks. Simple installation will cost you between $12 and $15 if you bought your tires from Walmart.

    If you buy tires elsewhere, you have to pay an additional $10 per tire.

    How long is the Walmart tire warranty?

    If you bought a tire from Walmart, you can return it as long as you haven't used it within 90 days of purchase.

    Walmart Tire Prices ❤️ UPDATED 2023 (3)

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